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                                                                                      OST LIST
Note: The OST's are track CD's, but can be converted into mp3's. I am willing to trade an OST copy for an anime CD. 
If there are no track #'s, it means I am getting that CD on a current trade.
OST's: SERIES Description Tracks
Ai Yori Aoshi OST 1 36
Ai Yori Aoshi Ai Ai Housoukyoku OST 6
Ai Yori Aoshi Opening single 4
Angelic Layer Character Song Album 12
Ayashi no Ceres OST 1 13
Ayashi no Ceres OST 2 18
Ayashi no Ceres OST 3 15
Card Captor Sakura OST 1 26
Card Captor Sakura OST 2 34
Card Captor Sakura OST 3 19
Card Captor Sakura OST 4 25
Card Captor Sakura Movie 1 OST 30
Card Captor Sakura Character Songbook 10
Card Captor Sakura         Complete Vocal Collection 38 4 CD's
Chobits OST 1 12
Chobits Character Songbook 13
Daa! Daa! Daa! OST 1 29
Daa! Daa! Daa! OST 2 28
Evangelion Death 16
Fruits Basket OST 1 28
Full Moon wo Sagashite OST 1 25
Fushigi Yuugi OST 13
Gravitation TV OST 19
Gravitation OAV OST 19
Gravitation Sand Story 1 10
Himechan no Ribon Maggical Ribbon Tour 5
Inuyasha OST 1 38
Inuyasha OST 2 32
Inuyasha OST 3 36
Inuyasha Movie 1 OST 29
Inuyasha Best of Inuyasha 13
Inuyasha Symphonic Theme Collection 10
Inuyasha Opening 5 single 6
Inuyasha Opening 6 single ANGELUS 4
Inuyasha Movie 3 OST 35
Kareshi no Kanojo Vol. 1 24
Kodocha OST 1 20
Kodocha OST 2 18
Kodocha OST 3 22
Love Hina Spring Special 16
Magic Knights Rayearth Song Book 13
Magic Knights Rayearth Best Collection 13
Marmalade Boy Music Collection/ OST 1 18
Marmalade Boy OST 5 10
Marmalade Boy Melody 4
Marmalade Boy All-star collection disc 2 16
Ranma 1/2 Original Soundtrack:  TV 17
Ranma 1/2 Opening and Ending Themes 16
Ranma 1/2 Doco Best Collection (OVA themes) 13
Rurouni Kenshin OST 1 23
Rurouni Kenshin Best Song Collection 14
Sailor Moon Musical 22
Sailor Moon Super S TV Music Collection 17
Sailor Moon Memorial Song box 1 19
Sailor Moon Gasshou Kumikyoku sailormoon 6
Sailor Moon Live Opening single 4
Tokyo Mew Mew OST 1 29
X TV 1999 OST 1 13
X TV 1999 OST 2 16
X TV 2000 Character File 15
J-Pop CD's: Artist Album Tracks
Ayumi Hamasaki Best Album 16
Ayumi Hamasaki ayu-mi-x_4 14
Ayumi Hamasaki Rainbow 15
Ayumi Hamasaki Seasons 11
BoA Listen to my Heart 12
BoA Love and Honesty 13
BoA Valenti 13
Changin' My Life Caravan 11
Every Little Thing Singles Collection 15
Day After Tomorrow My Faith Single 2
Do As Infinity Break of Dawn 11
Do As Infinity New World 11
Do As Infinity Hiiragi 4
Do As Infinity Gates of Heaven 12
Dream Private Wars single 8
Dream Dear 17
Dream ID 13
F4 Meteor Rain 10
Maaya Sakamoto Hopschotch 15
Maaya Sakamoto Dive 11
Maaya Sakamoto Escaflowne Prolouge 1 14
Megumi Harashibara In Anime disc 1 15
Megumi Harashibara In Anime disc 2 15
Morning Musume 3rd Love Paradise 12
Morning Musume Otomegumi-Ai no Sono-Touch my Heart! 3
Morning Musume Sakuragumi - Hare Ame nochi Suki 3
T.M. Revolution Coordinate 12
Zelda Ocarina of Time; Game Music 14
 Music Videos: Artist Description Size (MB) Format
(eng. sub unless noted) Ayumi Hamasaki Day Break 9.96 .wmv
Ayumi Hamasaki Dearest 42.1 .avi
Ayumi Hamasaki Evolution 34.8 .avi
raw Ayumi Hamasaki Fly High 7.34 .wmv
raw Ayumi Hamasaki Free & Easy 9.48 .wmv
raw Ayumi Hamasaki M 7.85 .wmv
Ayumi Hamasaki Moments 82.5 .avi
raw Ayumi Hamasaki Real Me 9.79 .wmv
raw Ayumi Hamasaki Seasons 8.29 .wmv
raw Ayumi Hamasaki Surreal 8.71 .wmv
Ayumi Hamasaki Trust 16.2 .avi
Ayumi Hamasaki Vogue 18.9 .avi
Ayumi Hamasaki Endless Sorrow 27.3 .avi
Aikawa Nanase Owaranai Yume 32.7 .avi
Aikawa Nanase Dandelion 26.8 .avi
aiko Hanabi 29.6 .avi
aiko Sakura no toki 30.7 .avi
BoA No. 1 90.1 .avi
BoA Every Heart~ Minna no kimochi 30.8 .avi
BoA Listen to my Heart 49 .avi
raw BoA ID Peace B 7.25 .wmv
BoA Jewel Song 85 .avi
BoA Kimochi wa tsutawaru 69.2 .avi
BoA Kiseki 69.1 .avi
BoA Shine we Are! 38.3 .avi Korean
BoA Valenti 70 .avi
BoA Atlantis Princess 39.9 .avi Korean
BoA My Sweetie 25.1 .avi Korean
raw BoA Neul 7.16 .wmv Korean
BoA Sara 50 .avi Korean
BoA Milky Way 83.2 .avi Korean
BoA Love & Honesty Live 2004 84.2 .avi
Black Biscuits Bye Bye 54.2 .avi
Changin' My Life Eternal Snow 25.8 .avi
Changin' My Life Myself 29.4 .avi
Coconuts Musume Tokonatsu Musume 31.6 .avi
raw Day After Tomorrow My Faith 8.1 .wmv
Do As Infinity Fukai Mori 28.1 .avi
raw Do As Infinity Oasis 5.99 .wmv
raw Do As Infinity Shinjistu no Uta 7.16 .wmv
raw Do As Infinity Sunny Hill 8.07 .wmv
raw Do As Infinity Under the Moon 7.35 .wmv
Do As Infinity Week 70.4 .avi
Do As Infinity Tangerine Dream PV 31.7 .avi
Dream My Will 36.3 .avi
Earth Time After Time 32.8 .avi
EE Jump Hello! Atarashii Watashi 35.8 .avi
EE Jump Ottototto Natsu Daze 43.3 .avi
EE Jump Ikina Rhythm! 49 .avi
EE Jump Seishun no Sunrise 69.8 .avi
EE Jump feat. Sonin Winter 36.3 .avi
Every Little Thing Sasayaka na Inori 34 .avi
Every Little Thing Dear My Friend 26.1 .avi
Every Little Thing Feel My Heart 26.8 .avi
Every Little Thing Future World 28.7 .avi
Every Little Thing Necessary 22.7 .avi
Every Little Thing Shapes of Love 29.5 .avi
Every Little Thing Time Goes By 35.9 .avi
HAL The Starry Sky 30.2 .avi
Happa Tai Yatta! 29.5 .avi
Hiro As Time Goes By 26.2 .avi
Hiro Bright Daylight 35.7 .avi
raw Hitomi Innocence .wmv
raw Hitomi Understanding .wmv
Horie Yui Love Destiny 27.1 .avi
Horie Yui Sakura 37.2 .avi
Hysteric Blue Grow up 23.6 .avi
Imai Eriko Identity 33.2 .avi
Jungle Smile Dakishimetai 33.1 .avi
Kimura Yuki Love and Joy (Live) 28.6 .avi
Kuraki Mai Stand up 31.7 .avi
Masami Okui Cutie 35.1 .avi
Masami Okui Round Dance Revolution 31 .avi
Matsu Tatako Yume no Shizuku 34.8 .avi
Matsu Tatako Sakura no Ame, Itsuka 34.1 .avi
My Little Lover Shooting Star 29.3 .avi
Sasayaki Yuuko Pure Snow (Live) 18.3 .avi
Shinwa Hero 25.1 .avi
ShinVi Darling 23.4 .avi
Suzuki Ami Our Days 33.1 .avi
The Scanty I Love You 21.7 .avi
T.M. Revolution Invoke 92.6 .avi
Utada Hikaru Colors 27.2 .avi
Utada Hikaru Automatic 29.5 .avi
Utada Hikaru Can You Keep a Secret 30.5 .avi
Utada Hikaru Deep River 30.7 .avi
Utada Hikaru First Love 25.3 .avi
Utada Hikaru Sakura Drops 35.9 .avi
Utada Hikaru Wait and See ~Risk~ 33.3 .avi
Yaida Hitomi
V6 Change the World 33.3 .avi
566 feat. Nakano Sayuri Never Say Why, Never Say No 13.6 .avi
let me know if you are interested in anime music videos….have a lot