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Want List
I will only trade for anime that is subtitled in English. (Manga must be in English also)
Looking for high quality anime (only interested in HQ avi, dvd-rips + VCD's, DVD+R's) Won't accept rm format
I am not interested in trading tapes, only CD's, DVD+R's or VCD's
If you want to trade but donít have anything in my wishlist, just send me your list and I'll pick out something ^^
Anime Series Episodes
Detective Conan 30 - end HQ
One Piece 95 - end High quality avi
Happy Lesson Advance 8 - 10, 13
Himechan no Ribbon********************** 3 - end .avi
Jubeichan 2 all
Meteor Rain (dorama) all
Magical Emi********* 5 - 38
Naruto 86 - end
Real 'Bout High School 1 - 13
Sailor Moon 30, 59-72 avi
Marmalade Boy OST's
Magic Knight Rayearth OST
Saint Tail OST 1 & 2
or any J-pop albums (Dream, Every lIttle thing)
Love Hina vol. 14
Slam Dunk (all)
artbooks! (clamp, inuyasha)
As long as it's HQ, I'm interested in any Drama (Dorama)+ Anime/J-pop music videos.