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Series/movie Description Format # of CD's Rating
Pirates of the Caribbean movie .avi 3 A+
Pirates of the Caribbean movie soundtrack .cd 1 (audio cd quality)
Daria seasons 1 - 5, movies, specials .rm 5 B-/C
Lord of The Rings Soundtrack trilogy OST's from the movie .cd 3 (audio cd quality)
The Last Samurai movie .avi 1 A
The Tale of Genji movie 1
Ring I movie .avi 2
Ring II movie .avi 2
El Ultimo Samurai movie/Spanish .avi 2 A+
Main Hoon Na movie/Hindi .avi 1 A
Khiladi 420 movie/Hindi .avi 1dvd A
Kama movie/Hindi .avi 2 A
Back to the Secret Garden movie .avi 1 A
How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days movie .avi 1 A
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King movie dvd 1dvd A+
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King movie extras .avi 1 A+
Girl with a Pearl Earring movie .avi 1 A+
Gangs of New York movie .mov 1dvd A+
The Seven Samurai movie/Jap-black & white .ogg 1dvd A+
Pear Harbor movie .avi 2 A+
Sound of Music movie/musical dvd 1dvd A+
50 First Dates movie .avi 1 A+
10 Things I Hate About You movie .avi 1 A-
Casablanca movie/black & white .avi 1 A-
Por Un Beso Spanish drama dvd 11 A-
Along Came Polly movie .avi 1 A+
The Patriot movie .avi 1 A+
Home Alone movie .avi 1 A+
Saved! movie .avi 1 A+
Secret Window movie .avi 2 A+
Cold Mountain movie/Spanish .avi 2 A+
Duplex movie .bin, .cue 2 A
Freaky Friday
Passion of the Christ
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Ella Enchanted
Legally Blonde 2
*note: all non-English movies have English subtitles