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Trading Rules
1 Use quality brand CDís! (No silver CDís)
2 CD ratio is 1:1 ,2 blanks:1 anime CD ,5 CD's:1 DVD+R (I rather you use DVD+R and not DVD-R)
3 Your E-mail should include:
CD Trade in the title
What you are interested in (series, episodes)
What you are offering me and your complete list (attached or an URL to your site)
Any references you may have (not required to establish trade)
4 PROTECT THE CD's, good packaging please! Just make sure I receive the CD's in good shape
5 Minimum of 5 CD's and no more than 80
6 Try not to mix the episodes.
7 Currently only trading inside the U.S. (unless you have what I'm looking for)
8 I am only looking for anime subtitled in english, not raw or dubbed.
9 You may write on my CD's, but do it neatly.