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If you would like to purchase CD's instead of trading for them, please note that I am charging for my time, the blank CD's, shipping
and my burner.  I do not make a profit out of selling cd's.
$1.50 per CD/VCD, $3.00 per DVD+R.  Shipping will depend on the amount of discs you order.
You must order at least 5 CD's and no more than 30 CD's. (I'll make exceptions if you've ordered from me before ;D)
Sometimes I accept trading for blank CD's, however you will have to send 2 blank CD's for every CD I send you.
You should be able to view the files in your computer. (All needed codecs are available for free at and I include some too)
Distribution inside the US only!
I will NOT give refunds.  If a CD won't play on your computer, then I'll burn it again.
I only accept Paypal, Cashier's Check and Money Order. If you choose to send a check, please understand that I will send the CD's
after I receive payment.  
Please don't make me burn cd's and then say you don't want them -_-  That's very rude and waste of my time.
e-mail: (please only serious buyers/traders contact me)
Feel free to ask any questions that are not already answered in the notes section of this workbook.