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July 10, 2003

Ok, so today came back from summer school, which is a real pain. I mean,I like geometry, but I so hated chapter 9. I think I got a C or something on that test today -_- Yesterday I found someone to buy me the MB DVD's! I was so happy, I've been wanting to sell them ^^. But I am full with trades, and it takes forever to burn the DVD+R's -__-

July 11, 2003

I knew it! I DID get a C on that test! gr! hated that chapter. oh well, no that circles are any better, but better than chapter 9. Goody! Inuyasha 115 is out! Yeahy :downloading: At least something good happened today! Well, I'm not that bad, I only dropped from a 94% to a 91% ...but still -_- Jen's gonna let me borrow her Spirited Away DVD! can't wait to watch it ^^ She's coming this thursday! :cleaning room: Gotta get ready for her. Let's see, grandma's cooking is getting better. Yup, tastes better. Getting used to her bitter taste by now ^^ Wonder what I'll do this weekend. Hm, maybe practice violin. A big MAYBE. ^^ No trades so far. Except for this one girl...I STILL don't have her CD's -_- hope I get them soon.

July 24, 2003

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! ONE MORE DAY and I am outta summer school! Can't wait! ah~but tomorrow is the stupid exam. BUT! I'm taking it with JEN! yup, the teacher said it could be a partner exam. Yippe! Kinda busy with trading and distro these days! But I like it, it's fun ta do it. My grade? yeah! it's a 93.7% so, CLEARLY an A! so happy ^^

July 31, 2003

ね、みんな、私はとても嬉しい!でも、しゅきだいをしませんでした。-_- Layout Digital Shadow