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If you are interested in trading, please take some time to read them, ne ^^

q         Use quality CD's! (No silver CD's)

q         All the CD's must be filled up. Not enough episodes? Ask me and I'll choose something from your list. You can do the same if I dont fill up the CD's.

q         Ratios: 1 CD/1 CD; 5 CD's/1 DVD+R; 2 blanks/1 CD.

q         Your e-mail should include the following:

o        What you are offering me and your complete list

o        What you are interested in (series, episodes)

o        Any references you may have

q         If possible, try not to mix up the episodes.

q         Ship as soon as possible.  (I won't make you send first if you contacted me for trade.)

q         PROTECT THE CD's!  Good packaging, please. Just make sure I receive the CD's in good shape. You can write on my CD's, but do it neatly. Let me know if you don't want me to write on yours.

q         Currently only doing U.S. trades (unless you have what I'm looking for)

q         As far as feedback goes, I won't ask you for one in order to trade, but let me know if you do have feedbacks.  (I've had my share of rip-offs) Also, if you have an account at , then please leave a rating here after the trade.

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