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Here are just some answers to questions I get a lot, so please check before asking me. Feel free to e-mail me if your question isn't answered here.

*         I do mix up episodes if it will make the cd count go down, however I try to avoid mixing.

*         I can send Music CD's in mp3 format if you wish or I can make an exact copy of the audio cd.

*         Brands I use: TDK, Fujifilm, Memorex and Verbatim

*         "When will my order arrive?" Look at the confirmation number I gave you.

*         DVD+R's take me much longer to burn than cd's do, so be patient if you request DVD+R's.

*         Yes you can play VCD's in either your DVD player or in your computer.

*         I can send music files in either mp3 or .cd format.

*         "I can't play the episodes! Which codec am I missing?!" Download the K-lite Codec Pack and you will be able to watch the episodes. Before installing this pack, uninstall any codecs you may have on your computer.

Here's a quick guide to know which player to use depending on the extension:

Format Player
.avi Windows Media Player or RealPlayer
.asf Windows Media Player
.mov Quicktime Player
.mpg Windows Media Player or RealPlayer
.mpeg Windows Media Player or RealPlayer
.ram RealPlayer
.rm RealPlayer
.viv Vivo Player
.ogg Windows Media Player download Ogg Vorbis package
.wmv Windows Media Player
VCD Windows Media Player or most DVD players
DivX Windows Media Player or Real Media Player