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~Distribution Info~

Please check which titles are licensed. I'll distribute series that are not licensed.
  1. If you would like to purchase the CD's instead of trading for them, please note that I am charging for my time, the blank CD's, postage and my cd/dvd burner.
  2. Price: $1.50 per CD, $3.00 per DVD+R. Shipping will depend on the amount of CD's/DVD+R's.
  3. Please order at least 5 CD's and no more than 30 (I might make exceptions though ^^)
  4. Distribution only inside the United States.
  5. You should be able to view the files in your computer. (All needed codecs are available for free download online) You will also be able to view VCD's in your DVD-player.
  6. I will Not give refunds. If a CD/DVD doesn't work, I'll send another one.
  7. I only accept Paypal, Money Order or cashier's check. If you choose to send a check, please understand that I will send the CD's after I receive payment.
  8. Please e-mail me your specific request (include episode #'s, etc...)
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